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Bastions of War

Server Host:
Lord Alexander


Bastions of War

Server Information

The Staff
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Server Status
How to Report Character Problems
Archived Characters
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Custom Character Appearances
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The Staff

Server Host
[DM] Lord Alexander (austicke) North America
AIM: austicke
Web Sites: NWNWiki NWN2Wiki Westchester Gaming Group Star Wars Family

Module Administrator
[DM] Rainywinter (Rainywinter) Asia
AIM: Rainywinter1

Module Founder
[DM] Jibekn (Jibekn) North America

Gameplay Dungeon Master
[DM] Kovi (Kovi) Europe

Maps Dungeon Master
[DM] Aggaron Wraithstouch (ADAL-IstyanFiend) North America

Server Tools Dungeon Master
[DM] Abby (Abby_) North America

At Large Dungeon Masters:

[DM] Anima (mgustaf) Europe

[DM] godless (directrealist) North America

[DM] Kaphwan (kaphwan_k) Asia

[DM] krsboss (krsboss) Australia

[DM] Leafy (Leafy Bean) North America

[DM] Raralith (Raralith) North America

[DM] Robles (Robles) Australia

[DM] re-dead (re-dead) Asia

Web Site Creator
trulez (trulez) Europe
ICQ: 148307600

Map Graphic Creator
hakanubis (hakanubis) Europe

Best Character Build Contest Judge
Flick (Drago66) Europe

Teamspeak Server Host
Nerev (Raralith) North America

Guild Membership

Please join the BoW guild at under BioWare's Guilds and Registry. Once your guild application is approved, get the secret code and give it to Shady Character in the entrance, so your characters may receive their guild ring.

Server Status

Please visit the server status page for a real-time update of the BoW servers and how to report a server crash.

How to Report Character Problems

Please report character problems on the character problem forum topic or email Lord Alexander. Make sure you include your player account name and character name!

Common Problems:

Duplicate Character Names: You should never reuse the exact same character name. If you do, you will only be able to see the oldest one created. To retrieve the original character, use Shady Character to mark the duplicate for deletion. When it's removed within 24 hours, your old character with the same name will appear.

Character Deletion Requests: You must use Shady Character to mark characters for deletion and then wait up to 24 hours for them to be removed. If you have an invalid character that you can't login, post or email a request to delete that one specific invalid character.

Archived Characters

Player accounts unused for longer than six months are periodically removed from the server. To have characters restored, please post to the archived character forum topic or email Lord Alexander. Make sure you include your player account name!

Bounty for Exploits & Bugs

As always, please report bugs and exploits in the guild forum. However, if the exploit is particularly bad and/or can be abused by others, please email or IM [DM] Rainywinter. We're especially interested in hearing about exploits that allow players to break the server rules (as opposed to the numerous NWN bugs). Those who report such exploits will be rewarded.

Please report bugs to [DM] Rainywinter:
NWN Private Message: Rainywinter
AIM: Rainywinter1

Custom Character Appearances

Custom appearances are given to DMs, prominent members of the BoW community, and contest winners. It's only a cosmetic change -- they don't have an advantage and must build and level up their characters just like everyone else -- but it's our way of recognizing those who've helped the server or guild.

The custom skin must be humanoid (two arms and two legs), and the size must match the base character (Halflings and Gnomes are small, all other player races are medium). Those who receive custom appearances may also customize their name, portrait, voiceset, description, wings, and tail.

Custom Appearances
App # (Size): Appearance Name
023 (M): Bodak - Bodak (re-dead)
025 (M): Bugbear Chieftain A
026 (M): Bugbear Chieftain B
027 (M): Bugbear Shaman A
028 (M): Bugbear Shaman B
029 (M): Bugbear A
030 (M): Bugbear B
039 (M): Lich - Goshozal the Arch-Lich (Goshozal)
040 (M): Doom Knight - Frenzy (Tremmie2) & Gorgrave (Bhaldor)
051 (M): Dryad - Nerev the Lustful [DOOMSAYERS] (Raralith)
058 (M): Mummy Common
059 (M): Mummy Fighter 2
062 (M): Skeleton Priest - Zarieph The Skeletal Punisher (Vladimir87)
063 (M): Skeleton Common
065 (M): Sahuagin
066 (M): Sahuagin Leader - Krs, Angry Sahuagin CoW (krsboss)
067 (M): Sahuagin Cleric
070 (M): Skeleton Warrior 1 - Thor (Altair En)
071 (M): Skeleton Warrior 2
073 (M): Gargoyle - Cyclohexane (pocketbeetle)
074 (M): Ghast
076 (M): Ghoul
077 (M): Ghoul Lord - Swords Wu Shu, Protector of Light (Bart Benson)
082 (S): Goblin Chief A
083 (S): Goblin Chief B
084 (S): Goblin Shaman A
085 (S): Goblin Shaman B
086 (S): Goblin A
087 (S): Goblin B
099 (M): Werecat - Celor BR 1234 (lucasmartinezz), Flick the Celestial Healer, Protector of Light (Tyron88) & Lemon Head the Revived Warrior Goddess (Rainywinter)
123 (M): Mohrg
124 (M): Mummy Greater - Darkness (helmates)
125 (M): Mummy Warrior
126 (M): Nymph - Makacsabb Torp (kovi2)
130 (M): Lizardfolk Warrior A
131 (M): Lizardfolk Warrior B - EpsilonZeta (EpsilonZeta)
132 (M): Lizardfolk Shaman A
133 (M): Lizardfolk Shaman B
134 (M): Lizardfolk A
135 (M): Lizardfolk B
136 (M): Orc Chieftain A - Jeats (Rhodomont)
137 (M): Orc Chieftain B - SLAM xXWarPigXx (Jade Undone)
138 (M): Orc Shaman A
139 (M): Orc Shaman B - Orc Berserker (bambara)
140 (M): Orc A
141 (M): Orc B
146 (M): Shadow - The Singing Spectre (Vusak)
147 (M): Shadow Fiend
148 (M): Skeleton Mage
150 (M): Skeleton Warrior - Leafy (Leafy Bean)
163 (M): Succubus - Melle the Goddess Fryar (Rainywinter)
170 (M): Wererat - theodorus (basyra) - Rattus (BrianJV1982)
171 (M): Werewolf - [Doomsayer Pestilence] (spigel1) & [Doomsayer Plague] (klubz)
172 (M): Wight - Death's Handmaiden (-Entreri-)
182 (M): Skeleton Chieftain - Karis The Dying Light (Death_Strike)
188 (M): NWN Aarin - Nimrod (El Newbo Grande)
189 (M): NWN Aribeth Evil - Aribeth (LaggyMcLag)
190 (M): aribeth
191 (M): NWN Haedraline
192 (M): NWN Morag - The Lizard From My Nightmare (Robles)
193 (M): NWN Maugrim
195 (M): Zombie Rotting
196 (M): Zombie Warrior 1
197 (M): Zombie Warrior 2
198 (M): Zombie
199 (M): Zombie Tyrant Fog
210 (M): NW Militia Member
211 (M): Luskan Guard
212 (M): Cult Member
213 (M): Uthgard Elk Tribe
214 (M): Uthgard Tiger Tribe
215 (M): Drow Cleric - Alariel the Brutal of Squad Empyrean (Lockindal)
216 (M): Drow Fighter - Rand Bladewalker4 (savagefool)
217 (M): Druegar Fighter
218 (M): Druegar Cleric
219 (M): House Guard
220 (M): Begger
221 (M): Blood Sailer
222 (M): Female 01
223 (M): Female 02
224 (M): Female 03
225 (M): Female 04
226 (M): Male 01
227 (M): Male 02
228 (M): Male 03
229 (M): Male 04
230 (M): Male 05
231 (M): Plague Victim
232 (M): Shop Keeper
233 (M): Inn Keeper
234 (M): Bartender
235 (M): Waitress
236 (M): Prostitute 01
237 (M): Prostitute 02 - The Battlefield Prostitute (Titan14)
238 (M): Convict
239 (M): Old Man - Grandpa Jojo (Dragonjojo)
240 (M): Old Woman - Old Lady (ADAL-IstyanFiend)
241 (S): Kid Male
242 (S): Kid Female
243 (S): Gnome NPC Female
244 (S): Gnome NPC Male
245 (M): Elf NPC Female
246 (M): Elf NPC Male 01
247 (M): Elf NPC Male 02
248 (M): Dwarf NPC Female
249 (M): Dwarf NPC Male
250 (S): Halfling NPC Female
251 (S): Halfling NPC Male
252 (M): Half Orc NPC Female
253 (M): Half Orc NPC Male 01
254 (M): Half Orc NPC Male 02
255 (M): Human NPC Female 01
256 (M): Human NPC Female 02
257 (M): Human NPC Female 03
258 (M): Human NPC Female 04
259 (M): Human NPC Female 05
260 (M): Human NPC Female 06
261 (M): Human NPC Female 07 - Erke Solton (Hakanubis)
262 (M): Human NPC Female 08
263 (M): Human NPC Female 09
264 (M): Human NPC Female 10
265 (M): Human NPC Female 11
266 (M): Human NPC Female 12
267 (M): Human NPC Male 01
268 (M): Human NPC Male 02
269 (M): Human NPC Male 03
270 (M): Human NPC Male 04
271 (M): Human NPC Male 05
272 (M): Human NPC Male 06
273 (M): Human NPC Male 07
274 (M): Human NPC Male 08
275 (M): Human NPC Male 09
276 (M): Human NPC Male 10
277 (M): Human NPC Male 11
278 (M): Human NPC Male 12
279 (M): Human NPC Male 13
280 (M): Human NPC Male 14
281 (M): Human NPC Male 15
282 (M): Human NPC Male 16
283 (M): Human NPC Male 17
284 (M): Human NPC Male 18
285 (M): Yuan Ti - Reptile (Uninvited Guest)
286 (M): Yuan Ti Chieften - Victoria Yuan Ti, a PoL (pstarky)
287 (M): Yuan Ti Wizard - Ventrue, Haer's Blue Blooded (Haer Dalis 83)
288 (M): Vampire Female - Frost Rose of the Shadow Clan (Arfra)
289 (M): Vampire Male
290 (M): Rakshasa Tiger Female - That Evil Zapping Canny Anthropomorphic Tiger (EverQuest Player)
293 (M): Rakshasa Tiger Male - Zen (virtuzoso)
294 (M): Rakshasa Bear Male - Celestial Avenger (Kalec Stromhir), Gorgrael (Shard2581) & Crimson (da938)
295 (M): Rakshasa Wolf Male (Hound Archon) - Hound Archon (KainGrimwolf), Defenestrator (Speccer) & Zeros Reaper (Zeros_Reaper)
296 (M): NWN Nasher
297 (M): NWN Sedos
300 (S): Kobold Chief A
301 (S): Kobold Shaman A
302 (S): Kobold A
303 (S): Kobold Chief B
304 (S): Kobold Shaman B
305 (S): Kobold B
352 (M): Medusa
353 (M): Asabi Chieftain - Rambo's Off The Shizzy Lizzy (O-Dawg)
354 (M): Asabi Shaman - Asabi Miau BR (fabianorp)
355 (M): Asabi Warrior - Jeru The Damaja (NintendoJesus)
370 (M): XP1 HeurodisLich
388 (M): Gnoll Warrior - Gnoll (kaphwan_k)
389 (M): Gnoll Wiz - Urlf Daemonkin the God of Snaegr (trulez) & Specimen, Gnoll (Parywinter)
390 (M): Hobgoblin Warrior - Danton SharpAxe Reborn (Thor Skulkrush)
391 (M): Hobgoblin Wizard
408 (M): Drow Slave
409 (M): Drow Wizard
410 (M): Drow Matron - Valsharess (TheGit) & Drow Sniper (Natures Best)
411 (M): Duergar Slave - Olga Ironbottom (sirfink)
412 (M): Duergar Chief - godless duergar (directrealist)
413 (M): Mindflayer - Lucy the Mind Flayer (Dongfang Bubai)
414 (M): Mindflayer2 - Beautiful Octopus (nicnik)
415 (M): Mindflayer Alhoon
423 (S): Svirf Male
424 (S): Svirf Female
451 (M): Troglodyte - Trog (Grendel Knight)
452 (M): Troglodyte Warrior
453 (M): Troglodyte Cleric - Teardrop, the Troglodyte Healer (Inferno777)
476 (M): Drow Warrior 1 - Mason Drow Judicater (Judicater)
477 (M): Drow Warrior 2
478 (M): Drow Female 1
479 (M): Drow Female 2
480 (M): Drow Warrior 3
Wings and/or Tail - Elorfilmand Holyana (Romeo Longsword) & Balkai Shadowbreath (Furyblade2)

The following players have earned custom skins, but have not yet claimed one:
Blazing White Dragon
Cyrus Decco
gros vilain
Menhir Rocksolid
Mikey 125
Semli Hammerfist
Shadow SOD

Please note that no custom skin will show the armor and helm you're wearing. Some will show a shield and a few more will show a weapon -- but some won't show either.

When making a request for a custom appearance, please post it to the guild forum topic and include the following information:
Player Login Name:
Character Name (character to receive new appearance):
Previous Character Name (character with previous appearance that will be deleted):
New Appearance #:
New Character Name (change name to this):
New Portrait:
New Voiceset:
New Description:

Requests must include all the above fields. If you don't want to change something (for example, you already have the correct portrait), simply enter "Unchanged." If you're requesting an Appearance # that someone is already using, you must get permission from them to share.

Alternatively, instead of a creature or NPC custom appearance, you may add wings and/or a tail to your character.
Wing choices: 0. None, 1. Demon, 2. Angel, 3. Bat, 4. Dragon, 5. Butterfly, 6. Bird
Tail choices: 0. None, 1. Lizard, 2. Bone, 3. Devil

Players are responsible to preview their choices. Do not request something unless you're absolutely certain it is correct.

Arena Map Submissions

If you would like to submit an arena map to be run in BoW on a trial basis, please follow the instructions below. If players like the map, it'll stay. If not, we'll ditch it and try more.

1. Map size should be a maximum of 12x12 total area (the map doesn't need to be square).

2. Map should contain a minimum of placables, sounds, or other lag-inducing clutter.

3. Please indicate the location of the 4 spawn locations, 1 escape portal (most central location), and 1 to 3 capture points with waypoints.

4. Export the completed area, and e-mail the ERF file to [DM] Aggaron Wraithstouch at Include your player account name.

Please note that we usually have a large backlog of map submission, so it can take a couple months before it's reviewed. Thanks.

For Everyone, Map Submission FYI:

Please put the name of the map you are submitting in the subject line of your email. Also, please stop sending mod files, zipped files, RAR files, exe files, etc. Simply export the area that you've created and it will save as a small .erf file. I only want erf files due to the high volume.

Other *Optional* ways to help me out with submissions:

1. If you right click the Area you've created, you can adjust the colors, lighting, sounds, etc. by selecting "Properties." Click the "Comments" tab and type in your Player name and email address.

2. Set the Fog Distance to 65m.

3. For all doors and placables, please set the Hardness to 0. They're plot anyway, but that gets rid of needless messages when bashing.

4. For all lockable doors, please put bow_door_bash in the OnPhysicalAttack script. You'll get a missing resources message, but that's okay.

5. If you want any doors to auto close after 10 seconds, just place bow_door in the OnOpen script.

6. In the "Advanced" tab of area properties, please:

a. Select the most appropriate loading screen for your map. Don't select Random.
b. Click "No Rest"
c. Select "Full PVP"
d. Resref and Tag should say the name of the map you've created, not "Area001" or somesuch (this gets a bit more complicated if you didn't name the map from the very beginning, don't worry if you can't figure it out).

Neverwinter Convention

Please visit the NWCon page for information on this periodic online NWN convention and past BoW tournament results.

Call of War

Please visit the Call of War page for information on this periodic Bastions of War tournament.

Entire Contents Copyright 2003 - 2008 Alexander E. Usticke. All rights reserved.