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Bastions of War

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Lord Alexander


Bastions of War

Bastions of War is a Neverwinter Nights Team PvP Arena server. BoW is server vault and requires both expansions (Shadows of Undrentide & Hordes of the Underdark).

The two teams are Good and Evil, but class alignment restrictions have been lifted, so Paladins can be Evil, and Assassins can be Good. You start at 28th level and receive XP and gold rewards when your team wins rounds and kills the enemy.

BoW's rules and scripts support fair and balanced PvP. No items with immunity or damage resistance are allowed, and weapon enhancement and AC bonuses are limited. Many spells have been altered to balance and remove exploits, and all spells are Full PvP -- they affect enemies and teammates alike. True Seeing has been changed, so rogues can use stealth, and unlimited-use trap kits are available. Pick Pocket isn't allowed, but you can use Disarm -- weapons are automatically returned to their owner.

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Bastions of War

Wednesday, Apr 06 2005
Neverwinter Profile: Bastions of War Neverwinter Profile: Bastions of War
Bastions of War is a team-based, player versus player, arena module where NWN fans can flex their powergaming muscles, work out their daily stress, and beat the crap out of gnomes, bards, elves, and other deserving folk. :P We spoke with Alec Usticke, BoW's chief admin and scripter, to find out more about this entertaining mod.

The Legend

any centuries ago, two great empires waged fierce war upon each other. One empire was ruled by a good and benevolent monarch and the other by an evil and iron-fisted sovereign, however they both shared a mutual hatred of great intensity. The Great War, as it was called, raged for decade upon decade. Even normally peaceful races such as elves and fey were drafted to join the combat. The very reason for the start of the conflict was lost over time, and countless soldiers and innocent civilians perished as the bloodshed continued for generations.

After nearly three centuries of non-stop warfare and strife, both descendants of the original rulers realized that their empires could never truly prosper as long as the complete focus of both their realms was on destroying the other. The new, young rulers may have been separated in their alignment with good and evil, but they both knew they would benefit if the endless battle was halted. The two rulers met in secret and agreed upon a pact to stop the conflict and restore peace to the borders of their great empires.

here was great rejoicing from the citizenry when the young rulers announced the armistice. However, the armed forces of each empire were commanded by powerful generals, and they did not favor peace. The evil army was commanded by General Saeros, a necromancer who presided over the first battle in the conflict and who survived by transforming his body into a lich. The good army was commanded by General Geoffrey VII, a descendant of the original good general. Both generals had gained immense power and influence over their empires and saw the actual rulers as mere figureheads. Neither general was about to lay down their arms just because some inexperienced and naive politicians declared peace.

So, the battle raged unabated. Neither young ruler could control their generals, but both were committed to ending the strife. The good ruler hated the destruction and loss of innocent life. The evil ruler could care less for the well-being of his citizens, but knew that neither side could win the Great War, and he wanted to focus his attention on smaller, weaker kingdoms that could be easily defeated.

oth rulers knew there was no mortal strong enough to overcome the power of the generals, so they sent a plea to the gods. The god of gladiatorial combat, Jibekn, was hungry for more souls to battle in his realms, so he answered the prayers of the young rulers. Jibekn agreed to take both great armies from the mortal lands and imprison them in his lands of never ending combat.

To this day, many centuries later, the descendants of both great armies still wage war day after day and night after night. However, since they are confined to Jibekn's realms, they can't harm anyone but themselves. The evil forces are still commanded by the ancient lich General Saeros, and the opposing good forces are commanded by the aging General Geoffrey XVI. The only thing more intense than the generals' love of warfare is their hatred for each other. Jibekn's gladiatorial realms are now the Great War's last bastions -- the Bastions of War!

Entire Contents Copyright 2003 - 2017 Alexander E. Usticke. All rights reserved.