How to change your mic volume in 11 steps for Windows XP.


First off, the "Output Volume." That does [b]not[/b] make your mic louder. It only makes the voices coming out of your headphones to be louder.

Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices.

Sounds and Audio Devices Properties will come up. Click on the "Advanced..." under the Device volume.

Play Control will come up. If you do not see the Microphone tab or the advanced tab, skip the next picture than come back.

Advanced Controls for Microphone will come up. Check the box of "1 Microphone +20dB Boost." This should dramaticly improve your mic loudness. If people can still barely hear you though, keep scrolling down. Skip the next picture if you do not need to add those settings.

In the Play Control, click on Options -> Properties. Don't forget to go back and click on "Advanced Controls" too under Options. A Properties will come up. Scroll down on the "Show the folling colume controls:" until you find Microphone and click the box.

Still not loud enough? Go back to "Sounds and Audio Devices Properties" from Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices. Click on the "Voice" tab.

Click on the "Volume" tab under "Voice Recording."

Under Microphone, raise the volume bar until you achieve the loudness you want.

That's it! Happy hunting folks.